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Bastion Vape LLC, is a small but rapidly growing company based in Canada with operations in both Canada and the United States. We are a company dedicated to providing a top of the line product, with absolutely no harmful additives or dyes to ensure that the E-juice we provide is as pure as possible.

The Product

Our Newest product from Bastion Vape Black Beard's Private Reserve is a game changer in the Vaping world. Our E-juice has been a long time in creation to provide the ultimate taste and vape experience.

We want to make sure that each flavour you taste with each inhale of our E-juice is better than the last!

Made from the purest of ingredients and carefully analyzed in a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure each bottle is made to exact specifications to achieve the highest possible standard of product.

With such a comprehensive flavour combination, users find that with each use, they are tasting something new and exciting each time.

The Difference

Bastion Vape's high standard ensures the following to our customers:

  • -    No Food Colouring
  • -    No Nicotine
  • -    No Preservatives
  • -    No Diacetyl
  • -    No Acetylpropionyl
  • -    No Acetoin


The Flavours

Our e-liquid is so advanced that it has over 19 different flavour ingredients, giving Black Beard's Private Reserve an extremely comprehensive and complex flavour collection.

We have combined chocolate, fruits, vanillas, caramel, and creams in a unique way. They combine to create new heightened flavours depending on how each person perceives the taste based on his or her sensitivity to it.

Everyone's chemical receptors in their taste buds react to the product differently; therefore, people taste something different every time!



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